3D joint reconstruction with stem cell therapy

3D joint reconstruction with stem cell therapy can be used to get young healthy joints back. This treatment is mainly focused on young patients below the age of 50. Stem cell therapy, which is also known as regenerative medicine, boosts the repair response of the diseased or dysfunctional or injured joint tissues using stem cells.

In this treatment, the keyhole surgery technique is used which allows the surgery to be done through a small incision only, eliminating the need for open surgery, thus helping the patient to heal quickly.

Regrow the Cartilage: stem cell therapy for cartilage damage

Stem cell therapy for cartilage is a minimally invasive procedure that has the ability to decrease the inflammation and also helps in halting the progression of the arthritic damage. This helps to recreate the cartilage after sometime

Restoration: restoring joint alignments

In case of a bent knee, the bone correction procedure is used to help the patients to get a straight knee.

Repair: damaged meniscus cushion

Meniscus cushion is a structure which equally distributes the pressure of body weight resulting in the reduction of risk of wear and tear. In case of damage to meniscus cushion, the treatment will help in repairing the damage and the pain formed in the meniscus will come down.

With these Regrow, Restore, Repair methods, we can bring the damaged joints into near normalcy, so that the patients can use their own natural joints for a longer period of time until they reach the age of 60-65. After the later period, if the patients require a joint replacement, they can go for the surgery.


3D joint reconstruction with stem cell therapy helps in providing a healthy and young joint.It provides a painless joint with maximum function and mobility. It slows down the arthritis process and helps in avoiding or postponing artificial joint replacements.