Knee Arthroscopy in ACL Reconstruction

We often hear people involved in sports complaining about the excruciating pain in their knee due to ligament tear, the ligament mostly being the anterior cruciate ligament. A surgery is recommended in this case for ACL reconstruction. ACL Reconstruction is most successful when done via knee arthroscopy. We will be discussing the same here.[...]

Win Your Race With Advanced Sports Injury Treatments

Sports injury treatments are the treatment methods that are used to treat injuries that a person received while playing sports. These treatments speedily cure the injuries and make a person active to perform their daily activities quickly and smoothly. Rathimed specialty hospital, Chennai provides excellent sport injury treatments services in Tamil Nadu.[...]

Back PainTreatment, Get Back Your Flexible Body

Back pain is a highly common condition in the people that affects about 85% of world population at any point in their lives. Back pain is occurred suddenly anywhere, anytime and requires around 5-6 weeks to recover completely. Heavy lifting or a sudden fall is the main cause of occurring back pain. It is good to consult a good doctor when back pain occurred to avoid its adverse effects. [...]

Hip Replacement For Your Better Mobility

A hip replacement surgery is a common surgery in which a damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial hip joint. The artificial hip joint is known as a prosthesis. Generally, hip replacement is carried out for the people aged 60-80 but it can be considered at any age. Hip replacement surgery is essential for the people who have damaged or worn hip joint to that extent which reduced their mobility and develops severe pain.[...]

Be Careful About Nerve Entrapment

Nerve entrapment is an abnormal condition which shows nerve damage, muscle weakness or atrophy. The peripheral nerve is more prone to entrapment and show significant impairment with repeated compression. The nerve that cross over rigid prominences or by a narrow bony and fiscal canals are more prone to entrapment. The common symptoms of nerve entrapment are muscle weakness and pain. [...]


Hip Arthroscopy is performed to diagnose and treat hip pain and helps the patient to regain active lifestyle by preventing hip pain. During the procedure the surgeon inserts an arthrosope (a small camera) into the hip joint of the patient through a small incision. [...]


An outcome of technological advancement in the field of medicine, arthroscopy is a surgical procedure used for treating joint disorders. With knee arthroscopy in Chennai being tagged as one of the best in the world, the scope of the treatment procedure is growing wide. A minimally invasive technique, arthroscopy is used in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in shoulder, hip, wrists, elbows and ankles along with knees.[...]

Knee Replacement Surgery Chennai

When any injury or arthritis occur, our ability to bend or flex knees becomes difficult. It causes pain and inflammation. Over time, it becomes very difficult to walk and to perform activities. Knee replacement surgery is the best way to relieve pain for more than 90 % of the patients. Knee Replacement is a surgical[...]

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

The Knee is the strongest and largest joint in a human body. A knee with injuries, arthritis or wear and tear problems may cause severe pain and inability of motion. Total Knee Replacement and Muscle Sparing Surgery are suitable solutions for it. Total Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure used to replace the weight-bearing surfaces […]

Knee Replacement – Walk With Confidence

If your knee is critically damaged by arthritis or any other injury, it may be difficult to complete simple activities such as walking or climbing stairs. You may have pain even while sitting or lying down. If non-surgical treatments like some medications and other walking supports are no helpful for a long time, you can […]

Happy News!! Rathi Med is Now Global

Happy News!!.. Rathi Med is Now Global We are happy to inform that Rathi Med Hospital is now globally available. We are into a computer-internet platform to reduce the distance between us.We have launched our new website completely updated with best features for you. Wherever you are at,Whatever medical facility you want,Whenever it is needed, […]