Case Study

1. Around six month back, A 22 years Omani patient had a road accident. The cornea of his??both eyes have damaged and his tibia bone in the left leg got fractured. The accident has??also resulted a loss of almost 16cms of his tibia bone.??We carried out a ascularised Pedicled Fibula Bone Transportation to fill the gap.??Subsequently the cornea of both eyes also transplanted. After six months, the patient is fully??recovered and started to walk. His eye sight is also corrected and his vision is perfect now.

2. Patient came with bent knee of 25 degrees following an accident. It has happened 15 months back. the deformity was completely corrected by Arthroscopy technique. This is for the first time the deformity has been corrected by Arthroscopy in India.

Otherwise surgeons correct by open technique which involves large exposure, risk of damage to vital structures, incomplete correction, prolonged recovery.


X-ray Before Surgery


Deformity Before Surgery


After Correction


After 2 Weeks