Heel Pain

The heel, is a soft cushiony fat tissue supporting the body weight.

Two conditions cause majority of heel pain

Plantar Fasciitis:

Inflammation of heel cord at its attachement. One may have severe pain for first few steps of walking after rest esp in morning. Common mis conception is bone groth which causes pain.

Simple treatment in the form of pain medications, heel cushion support, ultrasound massage followed by stretching exercises is more than suffecient. Seldom we have injected steroids in our practice


Left Leg: Flattened arch and heel turned out

Post Tibial Dysfunction:

Inflammation of this tendon leads to pain at inner side of heel and ankle. This tendon is important structure in locking the foot when we walk. This gives stability while walking.

Pain and swelling lead to dysfunction of the tendon. In due course of time the arch of foot collapses and the heel turns outwards

In early stages conservative management gives good relief. In later stages surgical correction may be needed. Please consult the specialist for appropriate surgical intervention