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Need for ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Not every patient will require ligament reconstruction esp ACL

In isolated ACL injury, some individuals may not have instability for normal day to day activities (ACL INDEPENDENT). For them ACL rehabilitation exercises are instructed to meet the day to day demand

For individuals who have instability even for walking and climbing stairs (ACL DEPENDENT), sports professionals, ACL/PCL associated with other ligament or meniscus cushion injuries definitely need ligament reconstruction

Cruciate ligament injury reconstruction

Cruciate ligament injuries are of two types


ACL or the anterior cruciate ligament is the one that connects the thigh bone or the femur to the tibia or the shin bone in the center of the knee joint. The anterior cruciate ligament is a very common injury in high-risk sports activities where the ligament is torn due to over-stretching from awkward landings and maneuvers.

ACL tears are reconstructed by a substitute graft from a tendon harvested from behind knee.


PCL or posterior cruciate ligament is located just behind the knee again linking the thigh and shin bone. PCL injuries can occur when the knee hits a hard dashboard like in a car accident or falling on the knee when it is bent, during a sports activity.

A PCL tear is also rebuilt and replaced with a tissue graft using arthroscopic surgery.

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