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Our Facilities

In order to ensure timely and accurate diagnosis and to ensure that patients are given the best treatment, extensive facilities are available, both for in-patients and out-patients of the hospital.

In Patient

Operation Theatres

Two sophisticated hygiene operation theatres , one for orthopaedic surgeries and one for general surgery.
The hospital has a WORLD CLASS & UNIQUE LAMINAR AIRFLOW ORTHOPAEDIC THEATRE (ISO 7, Class 10000) ?Only one of its kind in India is equipped with latest machines used for orthopaedic surgeries.

Unique lamianr airfow system

ICU – Post surgical intensive care.

Mainly surgical ICU for patients who need ICU care and support until they are safe to go back to their rooms.

Labor Room – Special remote controlled labour cots.

Labor room is equipped with remote controlled labor cot which gives maximum comfort to mothers who are in painful labor process.

NICU – Equipped with Neonatal warmer and phototherapy units to resuscitate new born babies.

Wards & Rooms :

Joint less floors with Day care wards, general wards, sharing rooms, single rooms and deluxe rooms are available.

Rathi Med has exclusive day care ward, general ward, sharing rooms, single rooms and deluxe rooms to suit patient ?s requirements.

The patient area is designed with maximum space and joint less floor with coved corners to ensure better hygiene and comfort.

Laboratory ?

State of the art laboratory with latest machines like ERBA & SYSMEX where Haematology, Bio Chemistry, Microbiology and Histo Pathology services are offered.

Out Patient

X Ray & ECG – Used for medical imaging and to check heart ?s electrical activity.

Lab: Equipped with latest machines like ERBA & SYSMEX Haematology, Bio Chemistry, Microbiology and Histo Pathology services offered.

Description: physiotherapy Physiotherapy 

offered after surgery to both in and out patients to ensure speedy recovery. The aftercare to post surgical patients is very crucial for optimal recovery. Qualified physiotherapist with Masters in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (MPT) complimented with array of physiotherapy machines and instruments give quality pyhsio care to both in and out patients.

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