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International Patients

Good Hospital Facilities

Hospital facilities are good and doctors observation and staff’s responsibility extremely good. Especially house keeping is awesome.

– Shiva s

Happy parents of healthy Tanish

From the day one we got to know the news that we are expecting our new born. We got associated with Rathi Med Hospital , and the journey has been wonderful experience for us.

Being parents for our first child was a mixed feeling for both of us and we feel happy and lucky to have in touch with Dr.Praveena who guided and helped in building confidence in us and making us comfortable to discuss all our queries at various phases of the journey may it be to do with medication, suggestions on food intake and also work life balance during the special transition of our lives.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr.Praveena who is very practical and humble in her approach which made us happy parents of healthy Tanish.

– Madhuri Pradeep

Rheumatoid arthritis knee ? Total Knee Replacement

I am Jagibai. For the past 10 years, I had not moved from my bed because of acute knee pain and Rheumatic problem. After I had knee replacement done for both my knees at Rathimed Speciality Hospital by Dr. Ragunanthan, I am able to walk well and totally out of all medication now.My sincere heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ragunanthan and Rathimed Hospital.

–  Mrs. Jagi Bai

Rheumatoid arthritis knee ? Total Knee Replacement

I was suffering from sever knee pain, due to a meniscus tear and was referred to Dr. Ragunanthan ofRathimed Hospital by a senior orthopedic surgeon.I was very impressed by the care shown by Dr. Ragunanthan to explain the MRI scans besides explaining the exact problem and possible solutions. It was a major procedure and Dr. Ragunanthanexplained that the procedure proposed was probably being attempted first time in the country. My interation with him gave me immense confidence in subjecting myself to this surgery. I knew I was in safe hands. The support of all the staffs and nurses only reinforced my belief. My Knee feels perfectly fine now with no pain and I am back to my normal routine, All thanks to Rathimed.

 – Mrs. Prabha Ramachandran

Massive rotator cuff tear ? Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

I first visited Rathimed hospital in Feb 2014 for consultation for prolonged pain / discomfort in my right arm. This condition prevented me from carrying out my day-to-day activities independently, including having food. I could hardly raise my arm above shoulder level. This is when i consulted Dr. Ragunanthan. I was diagnosed of complete tear of the supraspinatus tendon on my right shoulder that required surgery.Dr Ragunanthan was very professional in explaining the problem, options available & complexities of the surgery. He performed arthroscopy surgery, which left no scars behind & backed it up with very effective post operative rehabilitation & physiotherapy. Today I am completely healed and able to perform my daily activities independently, thanks to Dr. Ragunanthan. The doctors, nurses, physiotherapist and all the staff were very friendly and helpful. I thank Dr. Ragunanthan, the Rathi Med Management and all the staff for their professional service.

–  Mr. Emmanuel Peries

Mr Immanel Peris

Thangam Veera Raghavan is an avid morning walker

When Mrs. Thangam came to our hospital , she had severe pain in her knee and unable to walk more than a few steps.

She badly wanted to walk normally and do her pooja sitting on the floor. Hence high fkexion knee replacement was suggested. She underwent the surgey aided by computer navigation giving precise alignment of implants and accurate balancing of knee. After the surgery , she is back to her normal life

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Patient's hope and damaged tendon given back

I am Jonathan 32 years From Chennai, Achilles Tendon, One Of The Most Strongest Ligament In Human Body Which Can Hold ten times of our Body Weight, I Ruptured it While Playing, I Could not Able to Walk Properly, I went to 3 to 4 Hospitals took 3 MRI Scans Everyone Said me the Same Thing, I need to get Operated to Walk Again Normally, I was Down, Low in fact Broken, I am an Athlete, I was active, I was Fit in fact damn Fit, I was Doing my stretching and strengthening daily, I Dont Know How i ruptured it, After All Reviews, Post and Research over the Net I Decided to get Operated, Gods Grace i decided to get operated by Dr Ragunanthan, I like the Way he Explained me about my injury and How much time it will take for me to get injured, I got Operated on Aug 12th operation was planned for 1 hour but it went on for almost 4 hours, doctor told me it was a serious tear and he was force to take a ligament from another place to cover it up, when i came to my room after operation doctor came and asked me How I Am, I was in almost tears controlling it so that my mom and my friends and my relatives dont feel bad, . Below are 6 months Progress

Aug 12 th -> I got operated Aug 16 th -> I got Discharged Aug 25th -> I Got my Sutures Removed, Sep 9th -> I Got my cast Changed and a bit of movement from the downward point and i was asked to be in this for another 2 weeks, Sep 25th -> I got my cast Changed and i was been kept @ 40 % from the neutral position and i was asked to be in that for another 2 weeks

Alll these times, Person who took care of me at the age of 64 is my mom, she was with me all the time Breakfast juice snacks lunch snacks dinner milk, everything she took care of me at the best, I should take care of my mom at this age but she was doing it for me, My father Brother everyone was broken because of me i dont like that, My father not liking me sitting at that room, my Puppy was always with me when ever i was on my walker, Everyone loved me, Every week end my Office Colleagues Not my Team mates, My Competitor team Mates lyods bank team(Nishana, Devaki, Arvind, Twins, MM1, Jeyakar, anand, thiru, krishna, Jeevi, Muthu, MM2, Vijay) Everyone will come to my home be with me for the entire day and make me feel comfortable, After few weeks of my operation They too stop visiting me, Only one person was speaking with me when i was bad,

Oct 6th -> I felt very demotivated, i Felt very emotional and i have decided to break it up, I called one my none bus driver for driving my car to office and back to my home,Venkat Raj, When i called him he said immediately i myself come nu, I started going to office after 2 months in walker with one leg, Hit the office everyone was acting to me as if they where doing rocket science in office for not seeing me when i was down,

Nov 25th I went and met doctor, he said you can remove you air cast boot, now you can walk in your feet provided i will be very careful in walkin nu,

I asked can i drive nu, he said wait for another week and then you start driving nu, Crazy mind right, i started on the very day, I felt like heaven, i am back to my shoes, and to my car excellent feel, After that i was asked to do stretches standing jogging, heel raises, stretches and squads, I was following the doctor advice strictly, You Know wat i am six months now Feb 9th 2018, i Met him with the MRI SCAN, he said you are good completely recovered,


You know how i felt, getting things back to normal is one good feel. Thank you is just a word to DR Ragunanthan and his hospital People, They Gave me back something For which I am living, Everyone was kind to me when i was in hospital, Nurse, Attenders, house keeping people, Securities, Everyone was kind helpful. I did that And I got recovered, Now i am running, Playing like before, Not even feeling like i got injured, Thanks Doctor Ragunanthan, Hats Off,