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Rathimed Hospital in Chennai is the most comprehensive orthopedic treatment center. Whether you have a traumatic injury or are suffering from troublesome pain, we endeavor to provide you with a prominent diagnostic experience and the best possible therapeutic care. Your issues are our priority, and we are eager to support you to get back to what you enjoy.

Our Orthopedic surgeon for knee replacement are experts in the diagnosis and surgical disorders of bones, joints, tendons, muscles, nerves, and ligaments. Our specialisms include treating conditions such as sprains, fractures, dislocations, resurfacing, replacements, prolapsed discs, arthritis, bone infections, rickets, tumors, and congenital diseases.

Our medical practice helps many chronic pain patients get better and return to a full and active lifestyle. As every patient has unique needs, we carefully tailor our treatment plans to meet those needs. Whenever surgery may be suggested, we strive to employ techniques that are minimally invasive and less disruptive to a patient’s body and lifestyle.

What is Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement or arthroplasty is a surgery executed to replace a damaged, worn or diseased knee with an artificial joint. The objective of knee replacement is to relieve pain, bring back proper function of the knee joint, and improve the overall quality of life.


Knee replacement surgeries are of two types the selection of which is decided by the degree of dysfunction of the joint. The best Orthopedic Specialist in Chennai is here to give you the best solution for your knee.


In this procedure, the whole knee joint is replaced with an artificial joint, made of metal and plastic components. The process may be chosen for obese patients and those who have severe joint dysfunction.


If only one side of the knee is damaged, a partial knee replacement (PKR) may be suggested. PKR is a less extensive operation, with a minor incision and less bone being removed.