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When someone comes to us with extreme symptoms, we almost always suggest they first get a valuation. If a person is facing low back pain or neck pain, we will usually watch them over time and boost them to maintain good, stable physical activity to see if the issue subsides. If the problem is not solved with physical activity, over-the-counter cures, or pain management and anti-inflammatory treatment, the following step would be to see a specialist for an evaluation.

A lot of patients with spine problems can be cured non-surgically. Physical therapy, home exercises, medication and regular spinal injections are suggested before considering surgery. If the problem still does not reduce, then surgery becomes a good option and we are one of the best Spine Surgery Hospital in Chennai.

For example, if a patient has major neurogenic pain in the extremes and non-surgical management has not delivered relief, surgical intervention is the best choice. For those with signs related to the spinal cord or nerve root compressions, such as substantial weakness in an arm or leg or limb, we may advise surgical intervention if non-surgical management was ineffective.

Traditional open spine surgery comprises the complete exposure of the anatomy. In minimally invasive spine surgery we surgically uncover less of the anatomy which means, in many cases, a faster recovery in the first few weeks after surgery. In minimally invasive spine surgery, we regularly use additional surgical aids, such as intraoperative spinal navigation. This offers the surgeon greater access to surgical areas with limited exposure. 

No matter if it is minimally invasive or traditional, the goals are the same for the long-term; we want to achieve an overall improvement in symptoms or a halt in degeneration. Eventually, we want our processes to result in less blood loss, smaller hospital stays, lower infection rates and speedy recovery in the weeks following surgery. Minimally invasive surgery naturally results in an easier recovery process for patients, though, not every patient or surgical condition is suitable for minimally invasive surgery. You must partner with your spine surgeon to recognize the best treatment option for your situation. 

We aim to fully reap the benefit for the patient while lessening the trauma of surgery as much as possible. We use leading surgical techniques and technology as suitable, and our patients profit from our surgeons’ academic research to further both minimally invasive and intricate spine surgery procedures.

Our spine surgeons are devoted to patient care and excellent outcomes and are willing to learn new approaches and techniques while gaining proficiency in standard approaches and techniques. Our spine surgeons are also good communicators who are willing to spend time clearing up their reason for surgery as well as the treatment choices they offer.

What makes Rathi med hospital a special place for Spine Surgery Chennai is that, due to its collaborative nature, if someone comes in to see one of our specialists and that surgeon is not the ideal fit for that person, we can reach through our vast network to find the surgeon that is perfect for them. We have such a wide range of doctors here which helps us to find surgeons that are the right fit for each patient.