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Total hip arthroplasty or total hip replacement is a common procedure where the hip joint is replaced with an implant or prosthesis. This enables to improve mobility and restore day to day activities of an individual.
In a traditional hip replacement procedure one long incision is made to access and view the hip joint. In a minimally invasive procedure a short incision is made and muscle conservation approach is done.
The procedure is ideally suitable for individuals who are not obese and have a BMI less than 30 and for patients using uncemented femoral prosthesis.

Minimally invasive surgery at Center For Joint Reonstruction, Rathi Med

Skin incision is made of length less than 10 cms and a muscle conserving approach is made to reach the deeper hip joint.

This approach allows early recovery and mobilisation due to less pain and better muscle function. Gives cosmetically a better scar as well

Hip replacemnt