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Motherhood Care

Motherhood care is the highest, holiest service assumed by humankind. It is both a challenging responsibility and a glorious opportunity. Gestation, child birth and postnatal period brings about a lot of psychological and social changes for a woman as she gears up to take up the role of a mother. Emotional good health of a mother during prenatal and postnatal periods is as important as physical health of the mother and her child. Brain development at early stages with emotional and behavioral well-being is strongly related to early relationships. Thus building a bond with the unborn baby and offering sensitive care at very early stages of infancy goes a long way in the overall development of a child. The truly committed team at Rathi Med offers comprehensive support pivoting on prenatal care, labour, delivery and postpartum. Special emphasis is laid on hygiene and safety, taking care to ensure that the mother feels at home.

We offer

  • Attendance by professionals with expertise in obstetrics.
  • Qualified, well-trained and caring nurses to monitor patients in labour.
  • Most modern and state-of the-art pre-labour waiting area with NST machine.
  • Labour room on par with international standards.
  • Experienced anaesthetist whose service is available round the clock.
  • Direct supervision and monitoring by neonatologist post delivery
  • Well ventilated, spaced and comfortable rest rooms for mothers after delivery.