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spine surgery hospital in Chennai

Getting the news that you need to undergo spinal surgery can cause many reactions: hoping for a pain relief, fear about the method and recovery, and wondering about what to do next. Before you make a conclusion, take steps to allow yourself by learning everything you can about your disorder, your treatment options, and your surgeon.

Best Spine Surgery in Chennai

Recognizing the cause of your pain is diverse from finding out what is structurally wrong with your back.

For instance, you may have a herniated disc that shows up on an MRI scan, but if that is not the cause of your pain, then surgery for the herniated disc (usually a microdiscectomy) surely would not relieve your pain. You and your doctor(s) should be able to clear the precise pain generator before surgery is even considered.

Many practitioners believe that one of the most common causes of failed back surgery syndrome (continued pain after surgery) is an improper diagnosis prior to surgery.

Spine surgery hospital in Chennai

At Rathimed, one of the best spine surgery hospital in Chennai where there’s no perfect way to evaluate and compare surgeon competencies, you will likely have to rely on word of mouth and anecdotal data. At Rathimed you can get a sense of the surgeon’s qualifications through knowing whether a surgeon has been fellowship-trained in spine surgery, the number of back surgeries they may have achieved, and how spine surgery is a significant part of their practice.

When you’re in pain, it can be difficult to describe your situation to our doctor in a complete, concise, and accurate manner. But our doctors are ready and capable of handling all your issues and give you the best possible solution for your ailment.