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Triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) is an area of the wrist. The wrist, the most complex joint of the human body, is made of many bones and joints. There are about 15 bones around the area of the wrist . The wrist itself contains eight bones called carpal bones that are lined in two rows. The entire TFCC is situated between the ulna and two carpal bones. It stabilizes the joint, improves motion and gliding action within the wrist. TTFCC injury can result from a trauma or a fall with outstretched hands. Common injuries to TFCC are tearing and rupturing.
Best treated with arthroscopic surgery, the complexity depends on the area of tear. Outer areas of TFCC are repaired easily. When tears occur in the central area, anthroscopic debridement(smoothing and shaving) of the damaged tissue is required. The surgeon debrides torn tissues that might catch against joint surfaces. Larger tears need suturing. Other nearby tissues are also inspected and the incisions made are sutured to complete the surgical process.