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Ankle Impingement

The ankle joint consists of the tibia and the small bone called talus. The small bone is positioned right below the talus and each of the surfaces of the bones is lined with cartilage which cushions the impact of the tibia on the talus.
Ankle impingement, also called anterior impingement syndrome or footballer ?s ankle is a condition associated with pain at the front of the ankle due to excessive compressive forces of tibia over the talus. Generally the articular cartilage also is damaged. This results in the inflammation of the entire area. Repeated compression at the front of the ankle joint leads to pinching of the joint capsule and synovium resulting in pain. Physical examination and imaging tests help identify the condition.


Conservative treatment with medicines, physiotherapy plays a major role. If the pain does not settle down the pain causing bone growths can be removed by arthroscopy of ankle in a novel way.
Chennai Ortho Center has pioneered ankle arthroscopy in Chennai