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Dr. K.P Parthasarathy
Dr. K.P Parthasarathy Diabetology Chennai

Dr. K.P Parthasarathy

Senior Consultant Physician


About Me

Dr. Parthasarathy K P is one of the best Diabetologists in Anna Nagar West, Chennai. He has been a practicing Diabetologist for 42 years. He is a qualified MBBS, DFH . You can meet Dr. Parthasarathy K P personally at Rathimed Speciality Hospital in Anna Nagar West, Chennai.


  • Family Medicine and Diabetology

Current Roles

  • Senior Consultant in Family Medicine & Diabetology.


  • Chairman – Prime Family Medical Centre & Hospitals (P) Ltd from June 2011 to Feb 2019.
  • Medical Director – Sarayu Family Medical Centre/Prime Family Healthcare.
  • Senior Medical Consultant Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).
  • Consultant Medical Officer ONGC.
  • Managing Director – Family Medical & Health Solutions (P) Ltd.
  • Proprietor – Family Medical Centre, established in 1979.

Summary of My Professional Journey

  • Over 44 years of Family Medical Practice and 28 years of diabetology practice.
  • Started medical practice along with my father late Dr. E. S. Mannadiar,
  • Consultant Physician, in 1979. After 1987, ventured into consultative solo
  • In 2004 started combined practice with few specialities like
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dermatology, Medical Gastroenterology etc.
  • In 2011, a group of like-minded people under my guidance started Prime
  • Family Medical Centre and Hospitals (P) Ltd with the intention of running
  • Family Medical Centres in various parts of Chennai city.
  • A Multi-speciality Day Care Centre commenced operations in Anna Nagar,
  • Chennai, with nearly 26 medical specialities and a full-fledged Dental Care Centre.
  • In 2016 same centre incorporated an Annex building where an operation theatre was started and Sarayu Family Medical Centre was renamed as Prime Family Healthcare. A Unit of Family Medical Centre and Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.


  • Certificate Course in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus 2013 (PHFI).
  • Certificate Course in Evidence Based Diabetes Mellitus 2011 (PHFI).
  • Diploma in Family Health from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Deemed University, Chennai 2002.
  • Training Programme in Family Medicine from Louisiana Medical Centre, New Orleans, USA 1985.
  • MBBS from M R Medical College, Gulbarga, Karnataka 1978.

Achievements /Honours

  • “Best Doctor Award” conferred by The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University 2012.

Clinical Studies/Trials/Publications (2023  –  2014)

  • “LEGACY TRIAL-2023” – Long Term Prognostic Risk of Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke in Type 2 Diabetic Patients in India Study 2022-23.
  • “BEAT CVD STUDY-2023” – Beating Cardiovascular risk in DM study, open, observational, naturalistic study. Diabetic patients with or without ASCVD, with statin therapy along with other concomitant therapy in the normal  course of practice.
  • “TIGHT III STUDY” Diabetes with hypertension incidence of Microalbuminuria 2022-23
  • “INDIA HEART STUDY II” – Blood pressure measurement study for identifying prevalence of Hypertension – II
  • “IGIR” STUDY – India Glucose in Range Study
  • “TIGHT II STUDY” Diabetes with hypertension incidence of Microalbuminuria 2021-22
  • “LEGACY TRIAL-2022” – Long Term Prognostic Risk of Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke in Type 2 Diabetic Patients in India Study 2021-22.
  • “BEAT CVD STUDY-2022” – Beating Cardiovascular risk in DM study, open, observational, naturalistic study. Diabetic patients with or without ASCVD, with statin therapy along with other concomitant therapy in the normal course of practice.
  • Study on Management of Chronic Constipation in Adults – use of Lactitol in Out patients
  • “ABPM” Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring” Study
  • “INDIA HEART STUDY” – Blood pressure measurement study for identifying prevalence of hypertension, white coat & masked hypertensionand related CV risk factors in India. Published in The Journal of Hypertension
  • “CONCORD study” – Combination of Glimepiride and Metformin for treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Indian patients through a multi centric, retrospective , observational study.
  • “ASSESSMENT OF COMPLIANCE & IMPACT OF AN INNOVATIVE MEDICATION PACKAGE: A CROSS SECTIONAL SURVEY AMONG INDIAN PATIENTS” – An outpatient cross sectional survey of patients with diabetes, CAD, hypertensives on their compliance to medication packages.
  • “INSIGHTS OF VITAMIN-D DEFICIENCY & ITS TREATMENT” – A random survey of the outpatient population on the incidence of Vitamin-D by blood test and treatment with Vitamin D supplement for a fixed period of six
  • “INCIDENCE OF DIARRHOEA & ITS MANAGEMENT IN INDIA” – A survey to gain insight into the incidence and management of diarrhoea and the use of Pre-probiotics.
  • “PATTERN STUDY” – A retrospective observational multi center study to assess the pattern of utilization of Rosuvastatin for the treatment of dyslipidemia in Indian patients – 2018.
  • “GOLDEN CONNECT SURVEY” – Survey with the primary objective of understanding the diabetes management approach in individualized patients & method of up titration followed for reaching HbA1c goals as per the personal clinical experience of the doctor.
  • “CHORUS” – Chronic venous and Hemorrhoidal diseases evaluation and Scientific research. First and largest international, multicenter survey to assess the co-morbidity of Chronic Venous Insufficiency in patients with hemorrhoids. Published “ Colorectal Disease (Citation: Colorectal Dis. 2017; 19 Suppl 2:35-139)
  • “ASSESS CABP” – Epidemiological study evaluating central aortic blood pressure in hypertensive patients, in relation to current antihypertensive treatment strategies – 2016.
  • “GUIDANCE” – Gliclazide Usage in Diabetics And Your Clinical Experience in managing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Indian patients 2016.
  • “CAP STUDY” – An observational study to assess the central aortic blood pressure readings in adult patients of essential hypertension uncontrolled on single antihypertensive agent, in the real world clinical settings 2016.
  • “AZURE” – Assessment of Zoledronic acid Utilizing Real-world Experience 2011-2014.National/International Certifications, CME & Conferences attended (2023 to 2014)
  • “Dr Mohan’s International Diabetes Update” 10th Edition July 2023.
  • “TRENDO” Emerging Trends in Endocrinology and Diabetes 11th Edition June-July 2023.
  • “RSSDI 2021” – 49th Annual Digital Meeting of Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India – November 2021.
  • “TRENDO” Emerging Trends in Endocrinology and Diabetes 9th Edition August 2021.
  • 9th Jothydev’s Professional Education Forum – Annual Global Diabetes Convention July 2021
  • “Dr Mohan’s International Diabetes Update” 8th Edition July-August 2021
  • “TRENDO” Emerging Trends in Endocrinology and Diabetes December 2020.
  • “Dr Mohan’s International Diabetes Update”7th Edition July 2020.
  • Certification “ECG Ignite – Advanced” Course June 2020.
  • Orientation cum Training Course on Telemedicine Practice Guidelines – Issued by Board of Governors (in supersession of MCI Act 1956) conducted by Telemedicine Society of India 2020
  • IDF Congress 2019, EACCME Certification at Busan, South Korea December 2019.
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support Program, at Dallas, Tx USA October 2019.
  • “TRENDO” – Emerging Trends in Endocrinology & Diabetes June 2019.
  • National Diabetes Complications Programme – July 2019
  • “SAFE & SMART 3 D” – A Three Dimensional approach in Diabetes Mellitus.
  • “IMPACT INDIA” workshop – May 2019.
  • 11th National Insulin Summit in Hyderabad – September ‘18.
  • 78th ADA Conference in Orlando, Florida USA – June 2018.
  • Indian Society of Hypertension 2 day course New Delhi – March 2018.
  • Certification by American Thyroid Association in “Current concepts in Thyroidology – 2016”.
  • European Association for the Study of Diabetes P G Course, Budapest, Hungary – 2016.
  • Certificate of Participation American College of Physicians – Indian Chapter Mumbai – 2016.
  • Certification on “Chronic Pain Management Updates in 2015”- Chennai.
  • Mohan’s International Diabetes Update 2015 – Chennai.
  • TRENDO 2014 “Emerging Trends in Endocrinology Diabetes – 2014”.
  • 42nd Annual Conclave of Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, Bengaluru – 2014.
  • Scientific session of “The Copernican Revolution – Challenging the conventional way of treating Ischemic Heart Disease patients – 2014”.
  • EASD – P G Course “Diabetes Update,” Portoroz, Slovenija – 2014.
  • Delegate in the 13th International Symposium on DM by Indian Academy of Diabetes – 2014, Mumbai.

Speaker Programs  (2023 – 2015)

Speaker – Webinar: Insulin Biologics & Biosimilars – Know the difference

Speaker – Webinar: Glimepiride: Your smart companion in Type 2 DM journey

Speaker – Webinar: Pragmatic Thyro-vigilance in diabetic dyslipidemia

Speaker:- Stepwise approach from insulin initiation to intensification in patients with Type 2 DM

Speaker – Webinar: Why is Acarbose relevant for Indian Diabetes management

Speaker – Webinar: Team training on Telmisartan

Speaker – Webinar: focus on Glycemic Hexad – Are the Gen 2.0 basal insulin Hexad Compliant

Speaker – Webinar: A potential approach to precision medicine & value based health care

Speaker – Webinar: Tackling the duet of high HbA1c & hypoglycemia with basal insulin

Speaker – Webinar: Smart strategies for utilizing DPP4 Inhibitors for enhancing the patient outcome

Speaker:- Evolving diabetes management glycemic variability & role of nutrition

Speaker:- Basal insulin outcomes in various patient profiles

Speaker – Webinar: Simplifying timely insulin initiation with basal insulin

Speaker – Webinar: Two to Tango in Type 2 DM-Focus on Vildagliptin SR + Dapagliflozin

Speaker – Webinar: Break the Hyperglycemia Cycle by Fixing the Fasting first with Basal Insulin

Moderator:- Round table Advisory Meeting “Ambulatory Glucose Profiling with AGP

Speaker – Webinar: 25 years of Acarbose in India, perspective to clinical practice

Speaker – Webinar: Managing Macro and Microvascular complications of diabetes

Speaker – Webinar: Best practices in Insulin Pre-initiation, initiation, titration & intensification

Speaker – Webinar: Insulin Motivation: Best practices to overcome Insulin Distress

Speaker – Webinar: Can using HbA1c alone to assess glycemic control be misleading

Speaker – Webinar: Evolving standards and innovation in insulins – the next generation insulin

Speaker – Webinar: Vildagliptin on Management of diabetes

Speaker – Webinar: Insulin initiation & titration at times of social distancing

Speaker – Webinar: Clinical Empathy-A trajectory for improving diabetes care

Moderator:- Round Table Advisory meeting on “The diagnostic dilemma of Hypertension

Speaker – Webinar: Early treatment intensification: Does it really matter in diabetic retinopathy

Speaker – Webinar: Medical Nutrition Therapy for effective diabetes management

Speaker – Webinar: Adult Vaccination for Primary Care

Speaker – Webinar: Optimising patient management in resource limited setting during COVID 19

Speaker – Webinar: Emerging Scope of Telemedicine in Diabetes Care

Speaker – Webinar: Pneumococcal Vaccine – Guidelines

Speaker – Webinar: Glycemic control in Diabetes Management

Speaker – Webinar: Pneumococcal Disease Prevention in Older Adults

Speaker – Webinar: Effective Cardio-metabolic treatment beyond Metformin

Speaker – Webinar: Diabetes during COVID 19 Pandemic

Speaker – Webinar: Diabetes Management during Ramadan

Speaker – Webinar: COVID 19 & Diabetes

Speaker: PCOS & Role of Anti Diabetic drugs

Speaker: Empowering Vasculo-Metabolic Outcome

Speaker: An overview on ABPM and how to interpret.

Chairperson: 1. Combination therapy for T2DM: challenges & Benefits. 2. Overcoming “Clinical Inertia” in Treatment of T2DM.

Speaker: The Gliptin Journey: Now and Future.

Speaker: Newer therapeutic approaches to Type 2 DM.

Speaker: Stress & Diabetes.

Speaker: Medical nutritional therapy in diabetes.

Speaker: Beneath the surface – new age oral therapies in diabetes.

Speaker: Diabetes Distress – Comprehensive Approach for Screening, Diagnosis and Management.

Speaker: Endocrine Hypertension.

Speaker: Targeting High Sugar Levels – Safe & Smart Use of Sulphanylureas.

Speaker: Post Transplant Diabetes.

Speaker: How to delight your patients of diabetes.

Speaker – Webinar: Best Partner to Metformin SGLT2 vs DPP4.

Speaker – Webinar: Choosing a right partner to Metformin.

Speaker – Webinar: CV Safety of Sitagliptin.

Speaker: Emerging Data from TECOS.

Speaker: TECOS – What have we learnt last 3 years.

Speaker: Gliptin differentiation and diabetes.

Speaker: DPP4 inhibitors along the continuum.

Speaker: Diabetes & its co-morbidities.

Speaker: Adult immunization.

Speaker: Incretin Dialogue.

Speaker: Ominous Octet – Pathophysiology of Diabetes.

Speaker: Similarities & differences among Gliptins.

Speaker: Pneumococcal Vaccination in diabetics.

Speaker: Pneumococcal Disease Prevention in older Adults.

Speaker: Use of Sertraline in Primary care.

Speaker: Management of Hypothyroidism.

Chairperson: Primary prevention of CVD – ASCOT Study

Speaker: Overview on the use of Atorvastatin.

Speaker: Is Acarbose efficacy comparable to newer OADs.

Speaker: Specifics in the treatment of Indian Type 2 DM Patients.

Speaker: Glimpses of Acarbose.

Speaker: New evidences in the use of AGI in the new era.

Speaker: Halt Heart Attack – Face Book Live Programme.

Speaker: Therapeutic updates of ADA 2018.

Speaker: An Approach to Patient with Pre Diabetes.

Speaker: Metformin Summit: Use of Metformin in Obesity.

Speaker: therapeutic role in PCOS & GDM.

Speaker: Role of Saxagliptin in the management of DM.

Speaker: Role of Tocotrienols in Muscle Cramps.

Webinar: Evidence to date: Implications on the choice of DPP4i.

Webinar: An overview on CARMELINA trial.

Speaker: Comorbidities in Type 2 Diabetes – A Gliptin Perspective.

Chairperson: 1) Diabetes Dialogue – Clinical impact of initiating insulin early.

2) Taking innovation a step further. Co-formulation of basal and prandial insulin.

Speaker: Initiating insulin therapy – Clinical benefits of new insulin co-formulation.

Speaker: GLP 1 analogues and CVOTs.

Speaker: Insight into Thyroid disorders.

Speaker: Newer Concepts in Diabetes “LN Blockers”.

Speaker: Insight into Psychiatric problems in primary care.

Speaker: Family Medical Practice in India.

Social Awareness Speaker Programs

  • TVS Group Company on diabetes.
  • Chennai Public School Students on diabetes.
  • Ethiraj College for women on Sleep.

Live TV medical awareness programs

  • Sun TV Doctor Sun News live telecast – 5 telecasts.
  • Jaya TV live telecast – 1 telecast.

Memberships (Professional)

  • Life Member Telemedicine Society of India
  • Life Member Indian Society of Clinical Research
  • Life Member Indian Medical Association.
  • Life Member – RSSDI Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India.
  • Member – American College of Physicians.

Social Service

  • There are regular socio economically weak patients being treated free of cost along with lab tests.
  • Regular free camps are being conducted at Rathi Med Speciality Hospital and previously at Prime Family Healthcare centre to screen anemia, HbA1c, ankle-brachial index for diabetic and non diabetic patients. Free diet advice to diabetic, hypertensive and obese patients on a weekly basis.
  • Mass free Screening Camp done at Leo Matriculation School, Anna Nagar, under the banner of Lions Club, Chennai – 1300 patients.
  • Mass free Screening Camp done at Health Centre at Red Hills – 300 patients.
  • Osteoporosis detection camps held on a regular basis.
  • Free diet advice given to diabetic, hypertensive and obese patients on a week