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Arthroscopic Surgeon in Chennai

Arthroscopy is a surgical technique used to, treat joint-related problems and help in diagnosing problems or infections. Joints are one of the complex regions in our body which help in the flexibility and mobility of different parts of the body. Joints are nothing but multiple bone function together which allows flexible movements. When the movements are hard and vigorous or when a person reaches old age the probability of injuries is considerably high. There are six different joints that enable free movements are saddle, hinge, gliding, socket, pivot and condyloid. These flexible joints are present in the hip, shoulders, wrist, elbow, knee, and ankle. There are Arthroscopic surgery hospitals in Chennai that have experienced professionals to guide the patients rightfully.

These are advanced techniques performed in Arthroscopy surgery hospitals. This surgery requires only a minimal incision near the affected area. The Arthroscope instrument has a lens in it through which every step is monitored and the surgery is performed accordingly to resolve the patient’s problems. Arthroscopic surgery has many advantages, unlike open surgery. Any injuries in the joints, swelling or inflammation, damage, disorientation of joints or deterioration of bones can be diagnosed and treated using Arthroscopic surgery techniques.


  • Arthroscopic surgery involves only tiny portals and incisions to complete the procedure.
  • This process doesn’t wound the skin as the incisions are minimal.
  • The recovery is fast compared to open surgeries.
  • The patients can be discharged on the same day of operation.
  • The pain levels are considerably less and medications are prescribed for it accordingly.
  • There is no post-surgical stress or anxiety in the patients.