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Biologic Arthoplasty is a new and innovative procedure for treating arthritis with the aim of bringing the joint to normalcy without major surgical complications. This procedure is the surgical reconstruction of the knee joint using biological solutions and replaces the traditional surgical reconstruction of the joint. This method is successful on young patients and reverses the painful effects of arthritis and lower back pain. The treatment involves applying BMAC(Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrated cells ) paste into the cartilage that is defective. Using user-friendly scaffold, in-growth of the neo-tissue is promoted. The advantage is that this method maximizes cell-to-cell contact and provides an environment for cartilage regeneration. The cost is much reduced because no biopsy or cell cultivation is involved. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia when a small quantity of bone marrow aspirate is harvested, concentrated and with a mini-arthrotomy, the area is cleaned and the prepared clot is pasted in the area and the area is sutured.