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Flat Foot


This is the most common form of foot. It is most often inherited. When a person stands, foot flattens. At the same time when foot id lifted off the ground, the arch of the foot is gained.

Usually does not cause any trouble. So medial arch support is generally not recommended.

Sometimes it may cause pain or tiredness of foot on prolonged running or walking. In these situations, arch support and heel cord stretching exercises can be advocated. In persistant pain reversible arthroreisis can be done in younger patients

When they grow old some may present with ankle and heel pain due to persistent flat foot. Sometimes osteoarthritis of hind foot may be present. These patients can be managed by surgery. Type of surgery has to be carefully planned depending on the spectrum of problem It may be realignment procedure, selective fusion of one or more joints and this can be performed. arthroscopically. Hence an experienced specialist is importent in decision making.

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Flat Foot


Inflammation of this tendon leads to pain at inner side of heel and ankle. This tendon is important structure in locking the foot when we walk. This gives stability while walking.

Pain and swelling lead to dysfunction of the tendon. In due course of time the arch of foot collapses and the heel turns outwards
In early stages conservative management gives good relief. In later stages surgical correction may be needed. Please consult the specialist for appropriate surgical intervention

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