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Fracture Managements

When a bone is broken, the condition is called a fracture. A fracture may imply a thin crack or a complete break. When excessive force or pressure is applied is applied on bones, they may fracture lengthwise, crosswise, in several places and sometimes into many pieces.
A paediatric bone differs from an adult bone in terms of anatomy and bio mechanism. This leads to unique fracture patterns and management and healing mechanisms. Bones in children have lower modulus of elasticity, lower bending strength. Their mineral content is also low. Young children are more susceptible to fracture. Fracture may be of various types like buckle, greenstick,complete, spiral, non displaced, hairline, compression, segmented and comminuted. Treatment for a fracture depends on location and type. Most fracture can be treated with a cast made of plaster or fibreglass. Sometimes traction may be applied that stretches the muscles and tendons surrounding the broken bone. For more complex fractures, surgical procedures like internal and external fixation are employed to join the fractured bones.