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Ganglion cysts are lumps within the hand and wrist, occurring adjacent to joints or tendons. These are very common lumps and are very often found at the top of the wrist. The ganglion cyst is filled with clear fluid or gel. While the exact cause is not known, the possible causes are irritation or mechanical changes. These cysts are not painful and may change in size and sometimes disappear completely. They do not spread to other areas. Physical examination helps locate its presence. Because they are painless, no special treatment is required and most of the time, they disappear on their own. However, if they become painful and limit one ?s activity, treatment options like use of splints and anti-inflammatory medications can be considered. Aspiration also can be performed to remove the liquid present inside, but it will fill again slowly. Surgery may be recommended in very rare cases when along with the cyst, a potion of the joint capsule or tendon sheath is also removed.

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