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Painless Delivery

While pregnancy brings joy, jubilation, expectation and planning, labour and associated pain is a nightmare for young women, especially first-time mothers. Further research and advanced study in the field of obstetrics & gynaecology has crossed yet another milestone with the success of Epidural Anaesthesia , a method of painless labour. This procedure, which has already gained a strong ground, ensures that a woman delivers without labour pain. The procedure involves administering regional anaesthesia through the spine, that numbs the body below the waist, without affecting the normal delivery process. The advantage of this method is that a mother experiences the joy of vaginal birth without the associated excruciating pain.

Caesaean Delivery

A c-section is performed when the doctor thinks that it is safer than vaginal birth. Some c-sections are planned in situations like when mother carries twins or triplets, mother has health problems like HIV infection, heart ailments, herpes infection, previous c- section. But most of them are done when situations necessitate like prolonged labour, uterine rupture, fetal or maternal distress, cord prolapse, when the mother’s blood pressure shoots up dangerously, breech position of baby section or failed induction of labour. We at Rathimed, perform this by giving spinal anaesthesia, so that the mother is aware of the entire process. Immediately, she is mentally and physically prepared for lactation. Medications are given to manage pain arising out of c-section.

Post Delivery Care

The first few weeks after delivery, called the postpartum period, witnesses several biological changes in the mother. Postpartum depression is very common that is an outcome of hormonal changes. We at Rathimed, work as a team, understanding the mood swings of the nursing mother. The warmth and tender care to the mother and her new-born would make her feel at home, though away from home. Appropriate diet rich in fibre and iron, exercises to restore abdominal, vaginal and perineal muscle tones by our Expert Physiotherapist , self care and parenting counselling, awareness about contraceptive methods are additional features that are the hallmarks of Rathimed .

High Risk Pregnancy