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Repeated dislocation of knee cap (patella) can be a disabling propblem for an individual. Patella dislocation is dislocation of the triangular bone or patella in the knee cap, when the bone slides from its original position in the patellofemoral groove.

Patella dislocations happen usually to younger athletes either in contact or non-contact sports. When there is a rapid change in foot direction or twisting or when there is a direct blow to the knee, then patella dislocations can occur. It usually is a result of already existing laxity in the patella.

Most of the times we come across purely a ligament propblem. We carefully exclude bone problems by doing X Ray, MRI scan, CT scan and meticulously calculate various parameters.

We do dynamic reconstruction of the torn ligamanet which give much leeway such that better outcomes with least risk can be consistently reproduced.

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If bone alignment is not normal them bone realignment or Fulkerson procedure where the position of the tibial tubercle is shifted which pulls the patella towards the inner side of the knee is done