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(Shoulder Dislocation Surgery )

Arthroscopic Stabilization surgery

In an arthroscopic stabilization surgery, the overstretched or torn labrum is repaired with the help of an arthroscopic surgery or ?keyhole surgery ?. The procedure involves tightening the torn labrum and ligaments using small bone anchors.


Under anaesthesia a small skin incisions are made from the back of the shoulder.
An arthroscope is inserted through the incision and special instruments are inserted through other portals from the front of the shoulder.
Suture anchors are inserted into the bone with stitches attached which are passed through the tissues to reattach the labrum and capsule in front of the socket with the help of special instruments. The bumper effect is recreated and deepens the socket. The capsule and ligaments are also tightened which keeps the ball and joint in place.


Since this is procedure is done as key hole surgery it requires only 1-2 days of stay. Your arm is placed in an arm sling. You can move your elbow, wrist and fingers and can use them for eating and writing. Sling will be continued for about 6 weeks. After that you can move your shoulder under guidance. In 2-3 months most of day to day activities can be done with ease. It will take 6-8 months to resume sports activities.