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Scoliosis is a medical condition in which abnormal bending of the spine is identified. The curvature can be towards the left or right and may be moderate or severe. Any part of the spine may bend, but the chest and the lower part of the back are the commonly affected areas.
Surgery is performed only when the curves are more than 40 degrees and the bend continues to progress. The most noticeable advantage is that it prevents further progression of the curve.
Base on the type and location of the curve, the surgery may be performed at the anterior or posterior of the spine. Whatever may be the approach, hooks and screws are used to anchor long rods that act as a splint to keep the spine in its place. Bones are cut from other parts like the hip, and placed near the bones of the spine allowing them to fuse. The bone, with the reformed structure, begins to grow, and removal of the splint is not always required. Thus the treatment is effective in reforming the bent spine.

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