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Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery in Chennai

Our Specialists may recommend shoulder arthroscopy if you have a painful condition that does not counter to nonsurgical treatment. Nonsurgical treatment includes rest, physical therapy, and medications or injections that can reduce inflammation and permit injured tissues to heal. Inflammation is one of your body’s usual reactions to injury or disease. In an injured or diseased shoulder joint, inflammation may lead to swelling, pain, and stiffness.

Injury, overuse, and age-related wear and tear are accountable for most shoulder problems. Shoulder arthroscopy may release painful symptoms of many problems that damage the rotator cuff tendons, labrum, articular cartilage, and other soft tissues neighbouring the joint.

Common Shoulder Arthroscopy Chennai procedures include:

  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Removal or repair of the labrum
  • Repair of ligaments
  • Removal of inflamed tissue or loose cartilage
  • Repair for recurrent shoulder dislocation

Other procedures such as nerve release, fracture repair, and cyst excision can also be executed using an arthroscope. Some surgical techniques, such as shoulder replacement, still require open surgery with more broad incisions.

If you are normally healthy, your Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery in Chennai will most likely be achieved as an outpatient. This means you will not need to stay overnight at Rathimed hospital.

We will contact you ahead of time to deliver specific details about your procedure. Make sure to follow the instructions on when to arrive and particularly on when to stop eating or drinking prior to your surgery.

Before the process, a member of the anesthesia staff will talk with you about anesthesia choices. Shoulder arthroscopy may be done using regional nerve blocks which numb your shoulder and arm. This numbing dose is injected in the base of your neck or high on your shoulder.