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Tendon related problems

The Achilles tendon is a strong and important fibrous band that serves to connect the calf muscle to the heel. When the muscles of calf contract, they pull on Achilles tendon. This helps us in normal activities like running, walking, jumping, climbing etc. Problems that affect this tendon may be minor or severe. The common injury to Achilles tendon is Achilles Tendonitis that occurs due to a violent strain to the calf muscle. This can affect any portion or tendon. Another problem is Achilles Tendinopathy that occurs due to chronic overuse of the tendon, leading to its degeneration and thickening. The tendon tears is generally preceded by a period of tendonitis, a stage at which the tendon becomes weaker.

Management of tendonitis include – NSAIDS, Physiotherapy, Heel raise and Exercises