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Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement in Chennai, India: A knee replacement is a procedure that replaces damaged and worn parts of the knee joint with a prosthesis made of metal and plastic parts. Every patient’s knee condition is not the same which helps decide whether the patient needs a total or a half knee replacement. All decisions concerning knee replacement surgery are made only after detailed discussion with our expert doctors. With the vast amount of implant choices, the patient must understand all the advantages, disadvantages and risks related to the type of surgery.

Total knee replacement is a surgical process wherein a diseased joint is replaced with artificial material. Knee replacement surgery is only suggested by our experts when medications stop working and when physical aids such as walking sticks do not increase mobility for the patients.

At RathiMed Hospital, we believe in giving our patients the best advice which works for their body and helps them in regaining their mobility and continuing their day-to-day activities as soon as possible. Knee replacement in Chennai is undertaken for patients whose knee joints have been injured by progressive arthritis, trauma, or other rare destructive diseases of the joint. The top reason for knee replacements is severe osteoarthritis followed by Rheumatoid arthritis of the knees. At RathiMed Hospital we make sure that each patient is given due care and their entire treatment process is hassle-free. The whole knee replacement in India involves from pre-surgery treatment till the time you recover from the surgery, our experienced staff stays on the edge to keep you safe.