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We at Rathimed, respect and honour womanhood. This is why, our team of health care professionals dedicates itself to improve the quality of life of women of all ages by providing personalised, comprehensive and superior healthcare, ensuring quality of life. The following treatments are available under the canopy of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department at Rathimed

  • Abnormalities related to menstruation
  • Genital prolapse
  • Fibroids and tumours affecting the female reproductive system
  • Microsurgery for tubal recanalisation
  • Treatment for infertility
  • Treatment of malignant tumours ( cancer) of uterus, cervix, vagina vulva and ovaries.

Thus, respect and compassion is at the core of our relationship. We use objective measures to ensure quality and efficiency in everything we do for Women Care, and this attributes to long ?lasting impressions in the minds of our satisfied clients.

Premarital counseling