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Knee replacement surgeries have gained popularity in the recent years and have grown to be one of the most common orthopaedic surgeries conducted worldwide today. Also called arthroplasty, it involves the replacement of the affected knee joint with an artificial prosthesis, made from metal or plastic.

Knee replacement surgeries have grown in demand for their efficiency in remedying intense pain and restoring mobility, thus bringing back the quality of life in those severely affected with diseases such as arthritis.

Rathi Med super specialty hospital offers the best knee replacement surgery in Chennai. The hospital specialises in artificial joint replacement surgery and joint reconstruction of different joints including knees and hips. With the best in class infrastructure and an expert panel of orthopaedic surgeons, it provides the best and safe knee replacement surgery in Chennai.

Scope of knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is usually preferred in cases where other conventional treatment methods fail to bring the desired solution for a number of different diseases. Some of the conditions that can be treated with the help of knee replacement surgery are as follows: –

  • Osteoarthritis – this condition, mainly found with aging due to cartilage breakdown, is one of the prime reasons leading to knee replacement surgeries.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – caused due to destruction of knee lining by the immune system in our body.
  • Knee injuries – knee injuries due to broken ligaments or bones might require knee replacement surgery
  • Knee deformities – deformities to the knee such as bowed legs or knock knees can be corrected with the help of knee replacement surgery.
  • Blood flow regularities – certain diseases that result in loss of blood flow to the knees can be corrected with the help of knee replacement surgeries.

Knee Replacement Procedures

Knee replacement procedures are conducted under general anaesthesia and maybe done as Total knee replacement where the whole joint is replaced by prosthesis or Partial knee replacement where only the part affected by arthritis is replaced.

The prosthesis used might be cemented or uncemented based on the procedure, the age and condition of the patient involved. Cemented prosthesis are those that are fixed in place to avoid slipping and is commonly used. However, in case of young patients, uncemented prosthesis is used to allow the bone to grow into it effectively fixing it in place.

Benefits of knee replacement procedure

  • Freedom from pain
  • Restores mobility
  • Helps in restoring the quality of life
  • Offers a long lasting solution for knee problems

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