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Shoulder Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for diagnosis and treatment of joint abnormalities. The shoulder joint is highly prone to injury due to its mobility. Arthroscopy can detect abnormalities of the shoulder like tears, swelling, detachments, abnormal formations, arthritis and loose fragments. The procedure, otherwise called key hole surgery, requires two or three puncture wounds, avoiding large incisions and scars. The technique reduces pain post surgery, avoids complications and does not require hospital stay.
The patient should not drink or eat anything for several hours before the procedure. Surgery may be performed using regional, local, spinal or general anaesthesia. The dressing can be removed 5 days after surgery. Stitches may dissolve by themselves. As per the advice of your doctor, go for a review. You may be asked to use a sling. Report to the surgeon if the area is red in colour or bleeding in the cuts, pain not under control with pain killers.