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Children from birth to early adulthood may require paediatric orthopaedic assistance for a broad spectrum of developmental, congenial and traumatic disorders. These disorders may affect bones, soft tissues, joints and the neuromuscular system. In most cases, surgical procedure may the ultimate solution for conditions like club foot, scoliosis, differences in the length of legs, orthopaedic tumors, cerebral palsy and fractures. Sometimes, a multidisciplinary approach may be required for the treatment of sports injuries, very common in children and young adults.
Peadiatric Fractures arising out of trauma require correct diagnosis and treatment is available using latest techniques like anthrography and new methods like percutaneous reductions and fixations to save children from problems of deformity and disability.
Congenial problems like clubfoot can be cured 100% with correct surgical procedures.Infections in bones and joints leading to disability and growth related problems can be corrected by reconstructing deformed joints using innovative methods.Growth modulation is achieved bu deformity correction surgeries for children with knock knees and bow legs with minimally invasive techniques to increase limb length.Treatment of cerebral palsy requires a multidisciplinary approach. Rare disorders like osteogenesis imperfects, Perthes disease, slipped epiphysis of Hip can also be treated surgically.