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Kinematic Knee Replacement in Chennai

Rathi Med Speciality Care is making a big revolution in the field of orthopedics and knee replacement surgery. We are proud enough to present before you, one of the finest and accurate solutions for knee replacement.

Rathi Med Speciality Care brings in Kinematic Knee Replacement in Chennai for the first time ever. So, don’t ever care or stress about the knee replacement that you’ve been worrying about because of the complications that may incur during and after the surgery. Rathi Med Speciality Care introduces the kinematic knee replacement as a counter to the conventional knee replacement adding more and more advantages to the patients.

Kinematic knee replacement, the natural bending axis of the kneecap, leg, and thigh is aligned with the implant. Kinematic knee replacement has many advantages over mechanical replacement

  • Fast recovery
  • Less hospital stay required
  • Less pain after the surgery
  • Can avoid painkillers after the surgery to a maximum extent.
  • The patient is able to start walking within 24 hours
  • The patient can turn his knees about 120 degrees within 2 weeks of replacement.
  • The ligament is not affected

The amount of wear that has occurred due to the related diseases like arthritis and the implants are made so as to match the shape of the surface of the bones at present. We, at Rathi Med Speciality Care, being the best in kinematic knee replacement in Chennai, take enough care to prepare the implants that are customized for each patient so as to give them the best comfort ever after.

Do not worry about continuing to run, exercise, play and to lead your normal life even after the surgery because, Rathi Med Speciality Care, the excellent in knee replacement surgery in Chennai assures that the replaced knee restores the high function with no catastrophic failures. The patients claim to have high satisfaction after the surgery without having many interruptions in leading their routine life.

We, at Rathi Med Speciality Care, tend to change your worries into happy smiles for which we aim to provide the best care and medical excellence with the most experienced and specialized doctors. We provides the best knee joint replacement India.

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